What Widodo wants


What Widodo wants

The world in motion
Geographer Prof. David Henley about Indonesia’s president Joko Widodo. Is he really a force for democracy?

After his election in 2014, President Joko Widodo was named Indonesia’s Obama. “A new hope”, Time Magazine headlined. He proved that an ordinary Indonesian could trump the political elite and promised to speak for the ordinary masses. Since then, he has improved the country’s infrastructure, promoted economic growth and expanded social welfare. But under his watch, anticorruption efforts have stalled and minority rights have been eroded. Is he really a symbol of democratic progress? With geographer Prof. David Henley (LEI).

In collaboration with the Centre for Global Challenges and SIB-Utrecht.

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Date & time
Tuesday October 19 2021 (20:00-21:30)
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