Welcome at Studium Generale

Studium Generale - The public platform for knowledge & reflection of Utrecht University - organizes public events with scientists and thinkers at the interface of science and society, including lectures, talk shows and movie screenings. We pose thought-provoking questions beyond the borders of disciplines. With state-of-the art academic knowledge and reflection, we address an audience of students, professionals and other curious people. Many events are in Dutch, yet some are in English. Check out our events to see what is coming up next. Locations are in the city centre. Everyone is welcome and entrance is free!

Coronavirus: online events only

As you can understand, the rules of the game have slightly changed due to the coronavirus pandemic. All of our events will be streamed online on YouTube. If the measures allow it, we'd like to welcome you on location this spring. We will keep you informed. Please check our schedule for the links to our livestream.