The politics of a pandemic


The politics of a pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic
It seems like we’ve entered a new stage in the pandemic. More and more data and research has become available, making it easier to take well-informed political decisions. That’s why political economist Robin Fransman is positive about the future.

In the beginning of the pandemic, when very little was known about the virus, it seemed sensible to take tough precautionary measures. Better safe than sorry. Two months later, huge amounts of data are changing the game. In what way has new research changed political decision-making? What are the most likely scenarios to play out in the near future? Political economist Robin Fransman (The Argumentation Factory) takes a close look at the coronavirus policies in the past months and shares his positive outlook for the future.

With our colleagues of UMC Utrecht we bring you this webinar.


Date & time
Thursday June 4 2020 (19:00-20:00)
No registration is needed. But seats are limited and first come, first served.
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The coronavirus pandemic

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