Prof. dr. Sarah Cornell

Environmental scientist
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Prof. dr. Sarah Cornell is the coordinator of the Planetary Boundaries research laboratory and the co-convenor of the international Planetary Boundaries Research Network at the Stockhom Resilience Centre in Sweden.

Sarah joined the centre in 2011, bringing considerable experience in hybrid roles of scientific coordination and research linked to the major international global change programmes. She was a science manager for the UK NERC's QUEST, a multi-consortium programme for Earth system science, hosted by the University of Bristol. Previously, she worked in various centres at the University of East Anglia, progressively building up experience in use-oriented transdisciplinary sustainability research. Her research background is in marine and atmospheric biogeochemistry (PhD awarded in 1996), and environmental assessment, management and governance.

Her current research has a particular focus on conceptualisations of humans in the Earth system. Her main interests are in obtaining a multidimensional understanding of anthropogenic global changes and the associated changes in risks, and the philosophy and methodology of integrative research.