The impact of COVID-19: Why socioeconomic status matters


The impact of COVID-19: Why socioeconomic status matters

The coronavirus pandemic
Prof Gera Nagelhout talks about the effects of the pandemic on people with an addiction from a low-income background. How does socioeconomic status affect people’s health and wellbeing?

Who are the most vulnerable during the coronavirus crisis? Much has already been said about the elderly. But low-income groups and people with an addiction also have a relatively higher chance to be hit by the pandemic and its consequences compared to the rest of society. What is the link between low socioeconomic status, addiction, and health and wellbeing? Will socioeconomic differences in health increase as a result of the coronavirus pandemic? Prof Gera Nagelhout, Chief Science Officer of IVO Research Institute and endowed professor at Maastricht University, will explain.

With our colleagues of UMC Utrecht we bring you this webinar.


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Monday May 18 2020 (19:00-20:00)
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The coronavirus pandemic

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